26 March 2011

Pipsqueak is very happy to be alongside Faile

After leaving a very small mark on society last night Pipsqueak noticed a couple of very funny images left by Faile just around the corner. Art in the streets makes me happy.

We are not who we are

20 March 2011

Something brilliant


We jump through a window

We make a chair famous

17 March 2011

Whistling Dixie

14 March 2011

Eat or be eaten

12 March 2011

We melt in your presence

A remarkable artist

The real thing always beats the plagiarism

We explore

The Sarah Altar

The altars run by the electricity company used to have no- smoking signs, this one claims it is alright

Post no bills

They really make this too personal as of late, always loved his tags

08 March 2011

Pisqueak is low profile, yet loud

Screaming little sign!!!

The zoo behind the zoo

Behind the Amsterdam zoo one finds yet another zoo with animals from metal scraps

06 March 2011

Sarah Maple at KochxBos

This stencil portrait is made by Pipsqueak after a real Sarah Maple picture. 
The pictures she makes are very much worth seeing  and gives you something to think about.

KochxBos Gallery
12 maart - 2 april
Opening 12 maart 16.00-19.00u
Eerste Anjelierdwarsstraat 3-5

Champs Cock - Sarah Maple

02 March 2011

Looking for Bliss - Clayton Brothers

FUEL TV Signature Series ID

ARTWORK: Rob and Christian Clayton
ANIMATION: Victor Duncan, Ian Douglass
PRODUCER: Paul Andraos
MUSIC: Daniel Johnston
SOUND DESIGN: Polar Empire, Darrin Wiener