28 February 2011

Adrian Belew with the Metropole orchestra in Paradiso

Although it seemed as if there were more musicians than audience we had an outstanding audio experience seeing this incredible fine guitarist with his crew

Collection A.D. Gallizia

Who says architects hate graffiti, we met a crazy French froggy who definitely claims the opposite of the cliche

26 February 2011

We don't want to be conspicuous

Roofless in Brussels

Mommy can I have a puppy

Red light amusement

24 February 2011

...makes two

Gloriankoti kansikuvan

Pipsqueak is thrilled to be able to announce that glorious living in Finland is accompanied by two of our canvasses. We would like to encourage other Fins to follow this fine example of excellent taste.

23 February 2011

The white stripes

Red Hallzy

Portable graffiti

22 February 2011

21 February 2011

The shadow of Teus

A Lot of Pipsqueak

18 February 2011

Employability skills

17 February 2011

Tunnel vision

15 February 2011

AAF Brussel

Your monkey or your life

Bear with me

Fashion drop

That bird made me drool

14 February 2011

Rusty cage

We dramatize

We are thirsty

We play our game

13 February 2011

Sticky Pipsqueak

We need to know

12 February 2011

We are confuzzled

No offence

Toad on the road at night

07 February 2011

We love to dance