31 January 2011

24 January 2011

Art Airborn

Today we received two fine images of an older piece at its current location. As an artist you often try to improve a location with your piece, in this particular case it works both ways. It is great to see our work away from the nest. Thanks Erica.

23 January 2011

TEDxBrooklyn Callie Curry aka Swoon

Callie tells us in a simple and inspiring speech, how easy it can be to make a difference when you decide set boundaries are there to be broken. Watch this and feel she is right.

20 January 2011

Facilitair 2011

This fair holds more companies together, than one can imagine. One of them, Business Art Service hired us to perform as a circus monkey to attract attention to their cause. The whole event lasts 3 days and each day, a new tryptich sees the light. The painting above is our favorite so far. 

Semi-Permanents first HARDCOVER book

This is the second 2010 edition released in conjunction with Auckland, Melbourne and Perth Semi-Permanent events. Included in this vast collection is work from Plusminus Produkties, Pipsqueak was here. I'm happy they did a reprint after they ran out at the Semi-Permanent New-Zealand event, because we didn't have a copy yet ourselves.

If you want to get hold of this book or past issues, head over to the Design is Kinky shop.


Plusminus Produkties and Plus one Productions have taken care of the decor for the opening of the Industry Party. Just like last year it is a large mobile, but with new XL elements added. XL is the name of the festival this year because of the 40 year jubilee.

Together we also made an projection screen shaped like the letters XL. A compilation of films that were shown during this festival will be projected on the XL-shaped screen.
The Industry Party will be on the 30th of January.

For more information go to IFFR
Don't miss the International Film Festival Rotterdam 26 JAN - 6 FEB