13 November 2014

The sum of our philosophies

In this painting on the back wall of our studio, various story lines are combined. As Pipsqueak was here!!! we usually comment on the relationship between people and the rest of nature.
This specific image depicting a bear leaving town being scared away by a grimacing little girl, is the next chapter of a continuing story.
Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale in which the theme, “where the forest used to be dangerous”, is a reflection of the time in which nature had to be controlled and people needed protection from the elements to sustain a life. In our work this theme has shifted from the forest to the city, our new natural environment.
In our work we often comment on how this new home is slowly becoming the next threat. We seem to have control over nature but overdo it in such a dramatic scale it turns against humanity once again.
The girl in the painting scares away this cultivated bear that represents nature from his new found home. The same way we, the people, scare away nature from our lives by domesticating animals, turning forests into monoculture and our seas into toxic puddles with a whiff of radiation.